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Lernturm klappbar und höhenverstellbar - LeoBabys Learning tower foldable height-adjustable
Learning tower foldable height-adjustable
Sale price169€ Regular price199€

5 colors available

Lernturm Learning Tower mit 3 Höhenstufen - LeoBabys Lernturm Learning Tower mit 3 Höhenstufen - LeoBabys
Learning tower Learning tower with 3 height levels
Sale price189€

4 colors available

Lernturm Klappbar Einfarbig - LeoBabys Lernturm Klappbar Einfarbig - LeoBabys
Learning tower foldable monochrome
Sale price210€

7 colors available

Lernturm Klappbar Mehrfarbig - LeoBabys Lernturm Klappbar Mehrfarbig - LeoBabys
Learning tower foldable, multicolored
Sale price210€

8 colors available

Learning tower foldable learning tower saves space
Sale price220€

9 colors available



Yes, our products are all 100% ecological. The woods are CE certified and the colors are water-based. We do not use any materials or ingredients that will harm our children in any way.

No, our products are still lovingly handcrafted, so they are something special and exclusive because they are not mass-produced.

Our products are all safe and harmless. They are tested in practice by independent test institutes as well as by our children. However, children should of course never be left unattended with the products.

Our items are of the highest quality, made from the best materials and are particularly durable and long-lasting.

Since our products are not mass-produced, are made of high-quality and ecological materials and are manufactured by skilled handcraft, they are sometimes slightly more expensive than some products from other suppliers.

Because we are 100% confident in the quality of our products, we give a one-year guarantee. If something breaks during this time, we will exchange it free of charge.

Order & Shipping

If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving your order and we will process the return.

Some items will take a few weeks to ship as they are carefully handcrafted, which of course takes more time than mass production or when personalized. In addition, it always depends on the general order volume.

We ship throughout Europe, including non-EU countries such as Switzerland and Great Britain. Delivery there is also free.

About LeoBabies

We are a small but fine Austrian family business based in Vienna. We know from personal experience exactly what is best for children and select our products accordingly with the greatest care.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in the EU in family businesses. So it's not a cheap mass-produced product from China. Apart from the high quality, we support small to medium-sized family businesses.