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The advantages of Montessori beds

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A Montessori crib offers several benefits for children:

  1. Promote Independence: The Montessori crib is designed to be easily accessible for children. Children can get in and out of bed without needing adult help. This promotes a feeling of independence.

  2. Gross Motor Skills Development: The Montessori crib is lower than traditional cribs. This makes it easier for children to climb in and out of bed. This promotes the development of gross motor skills and strengthens the muscles.

  3. Encouraging self-regulation: The Montessori crib is designed to allow children to decide for themselves when they want to go to sleep or wake up. This encourages children to recognize and regulate their own needs and rhythms.

  4. Creating a cozy environment: The Montessori crib provides a cozy and appealing environment for children. The natural materials and simple design help children feel comfortable in their bed and sleep better.

  5. Encouraging creativity: The Montessori cot can also be used as a play area. Children can use the bed as a cave, tent or boat and live out their imagination and creativity.

Overall, the Montessori cot offers children an environment that is tailored to their needs and development and promotes their independence, creativity and self-regulation.

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