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Too much love? Doesn't exist!

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Stupid sayings like "Don't spoil him like that!" or "You can't jump every time he cries!" We've probably all heard it.

Unfortunately, these terrible beliefs are deeply rooted in our society and are passed down from generation to generation.

These reached their peak during the Nazi regime, when the aim was to turn children into tough soldiers, docile wives and a docile society. Too much love and care was out of place; the children should learn from the start not to show weakness.

Our great-grandparents and grandparents didn't learn any differently, often didn't question it at all and raised their children in the same way and then they continued it in the same way.

But the fact is: you can't overdo it with love! There is no such thing as too much for your own child! Nature has arranged this specifically to ensure human survival: that parents love their children more than anything in the world and of course this love should also be lived and shown. Of course, the baby should be comforted when it cries and of course you can just cuddle all day if both feel like it. And of course, I carry my toddler the rest of the way home if he's too tired to walk any further.

Because let's start with us adults: don't I show and tell my partner that I love him? Don't I like to do him favors, help him, support him, just because I love him? Or spoil him by doing something good for him? It's just that the word "pampering" has a positive connotation for us adults, but a negative connotation for children.

Although children are just as full human beings as we adults and have the same rights. So why should we pamper them less than ourselves?

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