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Babies in the oral phase

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For us parents it is often really stressful, but for the babies it is important for their development: the oral phase.

The term was coined by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and describes the developmental phase of the baby in which it experiences its environment primarily through its mouth and derives its satisfaction and joy from it. Because during this time the mouth with the lips and tongue is the largest and most sensitive sensory organ. In this way, the baby learns much more about the objects being explored than by simply touching them.

Of course, we as parents have to be particularly attentive during this time and pay attention to a few things to ensure that no accidents occur:

  1. The baby is not allowed to put small parts in his mouth. Since the oral phase sometimes lasts until the child's second birthday, many toys say that they are only suitable for ages 3 and up.
  2. Keep sharp and pointed objects and of course anything dangerous, such as alcohol, cleaning products and medication, away from the baby.
  3. When it comes to toys, make sure there are no small parts on them. They should also be saliva-resistant and not contain any plasticizers.

If you take these things to heart, you and your little one can enjoy the oral phase and discover the world.