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What you will learn and experience in the course:

In this course you will learn the baby massage process step by step in 11 modules .

The course is structured in such a way that I first show and explain the techniques to you and in the second step I repeat the massage and you can massage your baby at the same time.

The baby massage that I teach in my course is based on Indian baby massage and is aimed at our “Western” babies. While our babies, for example, usually have to deal with too much "energy" in the abdomen, which manifests itself in colic, Indian babies usually don't suffer from it at all, or less.

Massage technique:

I will provide you with a "common thread" that will accompany you through the massage, but which will always leave room for your child's spontaneous reactions and the circumstances.

For example, if your child For example, if a grip doesn't appeal to you, you can do it with a few fewer repetitions and if your child is comfortable with a grip, you can repeat it more often.

The only important thing is that you don't miss any of the movements so that your child can get used to the natural rhythm and sequence of this massage.

Practical preparation:

Every mom and dad actually has the most important thing they need for a baby massage in their “hand luggage”: time and a little sensitivity.

Before the first massage, I will explain to you how to optimally prepare the room, in which position the massage is best, which oil should be used and everything else that needs to be taken into account.



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