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The ball table has been successfully tested by us:
- in children's facilities. Children from 2 years play UNDER the table. As soon as the children can see the table, they play up and down.
- For support in therapeutic practice for children and adults.
- In waiting areas.
- In facilities where older people are at home and like to play in company.
But of course the ball table is also a great play furniture for the home children's room.

The round table has a perforated floor with 70 wooden balls in 7 different colours (ball diameter 40 mm). A 10 mm thick acrylic glass pane is used as a cover.

The balls are moved from below by letting them jump from hole to hole with your fingers. Or you can let the balls roll around the table by pushing on the surrounding ball track.

With the balls you can also play and design in an orderly way. If you want, you can sort the balls by color or come up with patterns. For example flowers, diamonds ...

You can invent strategic games like HALMA. Or you can lay a line of balls that must be overcome by pushing the balls out of each other's holes. This is where one's own imagination is required, without having to lay down rules.

The most important thing about the game is the constant coordination between the eye and the hand. In all activities, the fingers are moved and the dexterity is practiced. The well-coordinated colours of the wooden balls have a high excitation character, which appeals to almost every age group and conveys a lot of fun while playing.

Through the acrylic glass pane we can observe how we bounce the balls from one hole to the other. The balls cannot be taken out. No bullet is lost.

diameter of the table top: approx. 70 cm height of the
table: approx. 60 cm
distance between the table legs: approx. 50 cm Number of
balls: 70 pieces, 4 cm diameter
Material: multiplex, spruce, acrylic glass, beech

construction instruction is supplied.

Design: Ursula Wünsch