Wall game plug-in toy wooden toy bush to plug in

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For very small hands.


Suitable for crèche, kindergarten and home.
For play in small groups of up to 4 children.

Wall shelf made of plywood
Width: approx. 1.50 m / height: approx. 1.05 m
74 dowels - firmly screwed. Incl. Assembly Instructions.

Large leaves, small leaves, lemons, oranges, apples, plums, flowers to stick - a total of 78 wooden pieces.
2 watering cans made of wood.
1 handle basket made of plastic.

Notes on the game:
In the third year of life, children develop a great interest in sticking. With colored leaves, fruits and flowers, creativity is awakened in imaginative design. It is also possible to play according to the rules, if the teacher suggests a certain design, e.g. with fruits and leaves or with flowers and leaves. All elements for plugging can be picked again or changed. They are collected in the basket. The bush can even be "watered" with small watering cans.

Design: Ursula Wünsch