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Climbing toys also for kindergartens

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Our toys and furniture are perfect for your home and children's room.

However, they are also suitable utensils for kindergartens, daycare centers, public institutions, restaurants, doctor's offices, etc.

Our climbing arches, climbing triangles, balance boards and climbing frames can be used specifically in kindergartens and daycare centers. The children learn a wide variety of skills in a playful way, such as gross motor skills and a sense of balance. Our toys are based on Montessori, Pikler and Waldorf pedagogy. Although these philosophies have all been around for a long time, they are currently on the rise in more and more areas and have become an integral part of modern childcare centers.

Other institutions are also relying more and more on toys of this type to keep children occupied in a meaningful way. For example, our climbing arches can be found in waiting areas of car dealerships, furniture stores and doctor's offices. Numerous restaurants are also our customers. In this way, they ensure fun for the little ones while parents can look around, get advice or eat in peace.

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