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Individual loft beds for great fun

Our children's beds - play paradises for children

Finding the right bed for your child is not always easy. The space aspect often plays an important role, for which loft beds are a great solution.

Loft beds for children's rooms with little space

If you don't have much space in your child's room, a loft bed is an alternative. You can also use the variety of children's beds for this. Of course, as a parent you can make sure that the children can climb up and down the bed without damage. That's why you should only choose a loft bed if children can climb stairs without any problems.

How many kilos does a loft bed hold? Certainly a question that you as a parent should ask when purchasing. Because most loft beds are used for many years. Normally, bunk beds are very resilient and can hold up to 100 kg.

Which children's beds are good?

Before you buy a cot, you should always ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much space do I have in the children's room?
  2. How long do I want to use the bed?
  3. Does my child have special requests?

Since our beds are customizable, you can tailor them exactly to your needs. No matter what size you need and what your child's wishes are - we can make it happen for you!

Can you assemble the children's beds yourself?

Our beds are built very quickly and easily using the modular principle. Individual instructions are included with each bed model. Normally you don't need any specialist instructions or experience to assemble a cot, just an extra hand to hold the boards.

Our children's beds are recommended for parents

The advantages of our children's beds are complex: on the one hand, you can have your individual dream bed created. Our beds are of high quality and are lovingly handcrafted in the EU. The wood used is certified, the paints are all non-toxic and child-safe.

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