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Super mom or not?!

There are probably no stronger feelings than love for our children. From the moment they come into the world until the end of our lives, our children are the most important and valuable thing to us that there is.

We support and protect them throughout our lives, would do anything for them and just want them to be happy and well.

It's no secret that life with children isn't all rosy and that our treasures often get on our last nerve. No mother goes through the world super happy and constantly smiling all her life. In fact, there are probably an infinite number of moments in which we mothers are simply desperate and want to cry. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Even if, on the outside, there are many “super moms” whose children always obey and are never stressful and who remain cool in every situation, no matter how stressful. But I dare say that this is true for very few people. That many mothers are ashamed to admit that they are overwhelmed, tired or sad from time to time. That sometimes they would like to treat themselves to a break for a few days, a few days of peace, without the children they love so much.

Motherhood is the most natural thing in the world and at the same time the hardest thing. Because this is not a 9 to 5 job, but a 24-hour job, with irregular or no breaks and we almost never have an after-work day. We want to do everything right, we want our children to become happy, independent adults. And at the same time, we are still ourselves, independent people who put ourselves behind the line for many years so that we can only be there for the children. Too little sleep, unhealthy food, no hobbies and no free time. This is often the life of us mothers during the first years of our little ones' lives.

It's hard and it's tiring, but that's how it is. If we don't want our children to be looked after by others most of the time, but rather have them with us, that's just the way it is. And we don't have to be ashamed if our battery ever runs out. Because that too is natural and the most important thing is: it will pass. The little ones grow up and then things get better again. We will have more time for ourselves again. And then, I'm almost sure, we'll miss the time when our loved ones were babies.

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