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Too cold or too warm?

The weather is crazy at the moment: one day it's cold, the next it's warm, then it's raining, but it's still humid... as if we're still stuck in April.

It's not that easy to choose the right clothes for our children... but we don't always have to. Of course, as parents we have a duty when it comes to infants or small children. The onion system has always worked well for us, so I could easily take off or put on layers of clothing.

But as soon as my children are around 3 years old, they are in the "I want to do everything myself" phase and of course that includes choosing their wardrobe. And I think that is their right. After all, no one tells me what I should and shouldn't wear. And if it did, it would really annoy me and I would certainly not stick to it.

So my children can also decide for themselves. Even if it's 10 degrees outside and you want to go out in shorts and Crocs. Or it's 30 degrees in the shade and you really want to put on a hoodie. Why not? In these cases, I can imagine that they will soon be cold or sweating and pack a change of clothes accordingly.

And if they don't do that, that's okay too. Because at this age they can already judge well whether they are cold or sweating and can also communicate this.

So I see absolutely no reason to argue with my children about their outfits, they should wear what they like, just like we adults do. These power games, which are unfortunately all too often the case in these cases, are exhausting, frustrating and completely pointless for both sides.

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