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Why a climbing arch?

Climbing arch - the perfect play equipment for children!

Are you looking for the right toys for your child's nursery? Do you want to focus on support and not just fun? How about climbing arches, slides and other wonderful wooden toys?

What is a climbing arch?

A climbing arch is a multifunctional play device that children can use in a variety of ways. This device combines fun and exercise. By using the climbing arch, the child is able to use their instinct to play and at the same time improve their balance and climbing skills. In addition, strength and motor skills are promoted.

Many of our available models can be used individually. They can serve as an arch or as a seesaw by turning the climbing arch over. With the right accessories, you can, for example, incorporate the bow into a course or use it for other purposes.

Why buy a climbing arch?

Why should you as a parent choose this play equipment? There are many aspects that speak in favor of the purchase. Including the many advantages that a child has in their development by using the climbing arches. On the one hand, strength and motor skills are strengthened, but dexterity and balance are also stressed and promoted accordingly. And even the little ones can already play with this product.

If tires and toys are attached to a climbing arch, babies can be optimally encouraged and kept busy. This means that if you choose a climbing arch, you can give your baby a toy that can be played with for many years.

Use the climbing arch as a seesaw

The climbing arch can be used individually depending on the size and can also serve as a seesaw. To do this, you simply have to turn the bow around. In order to offer the child the most individual use possible, you can opt for a cushion in the climbing arch. This is simply attached and serves as padding. This gives children the opportunity to simply lie down with their entire body in the arch and convert it into a full-body rocker.

What should you pay attention to when buying a climbing arch?

You should pay attention to a few aspects when purchasing, which above all offer security. It is important that the rocker is carefully processed and sanded cleanly in order to minimize the risk of injury. Pollutant-free, organic paints and glazes are also an advantage in order to avoid toxic and unpleasant smells. It is also advisable that the devices are made from certified wood and have been tested for safety.

When assembling the play arch, you should definitely pay attention to fixing all components. If anything is loose, please tighten the component. Here too, make sure that the screws do not protrude.

What height for a climbing arch?

Before you buy a climbing arch, you should check the appropriate age of use. Normally the climbing arches can move into the children's room from the age of 6 months. By attaching toys, the product is perfect for short-term activity. The climbing arches are available in different heights. However, experts recommend a maximum height of 50 cm. This is completely sufficient for children.

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