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Climbing triangles - versatile fun

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What do you do with a Pikler triangle?

The Pikler triangle can be used in a similar way to a climbing arch. Thanks to its shape, this strengthens children's motor skills and trains their balance. Children also have these options with a triangle.

If there is space, it is recommended to combine the Pikler triangle with the climbing arch, for example. In this way, wonderful obstacles can be created that children can overcome with great joy. Please remember that your child should never cross or use these obstacles without supervision.

A Pikler triangle can also be equipped with a slide, as can the climbing arch.

What age is the Pikler Triangle suitable for?

Like the climbing arches, the triangles can move into the children's room from the first year of life. Experts even assume that the device can be used from the age of 6 months. Here, too, toys can be added occasionally so that children have something to do in the early months of their lives.

However, the maximum usage time for the triangles is limited to 5 years, otherwise the children will become too big and too heavy.

What material is used in a climbing triangle?

The products are always made from a wooden material. Climbing arches or triangles made of other materials are not recommended as they probably do not have the required stability. When it comes to wood material, you should always ensure that non-toxic paints are used for glazes or colored paints.

Natural wood is always a recommendation and offers the greatest safety when it comes to harmful substances.

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