Our products are in lovingly handcrafted in the EU manufactured.

They are made of certified aspen wood and painted with environmentally friendly, child-safe paint or covered with ecological wax . Aspen wood is very strong and flexible, which guarantees high quality for each product.

The wooden product is painted with an environmentally friendly, child-safe natural wood protection wax , which contains linseed oil specially prepared for wood processing, rosin (pine resin), beeswax and a composition of other high-quality waxes.

The waxed wooden surface maintains a long-lasting velvety shine and offers additional wear resistance and water-repellent properties. The wax extends the life of the product and protects it from scratches. Freshly waxed surfaces exude a light honey scent.

All Corners are rounded to prevent the risk of injury.

Of course, all materials used are 100% ecological and harmless.

Our activity toys are CE marked, tested and comply with the European Union's harmonized standards for toy safety (Directive 2009/48/EC).