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The advantages of Montessori beds

A Montessori crib offers several benefits for children: Promote Independence: The Montessori crib is designed to be easily accessible for children. Children can get in and out of bed witho...
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Waldorf vs. Montessori

Montessori vs. Waldorf Both are educational approaches that give children more independence and freedom. But what exactly are the differences and similarities? The most important similaritie...
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Climbing toys also for kindergartens

Our toys and furniture are perfect for your home and children's room. However, they are also suitable utensils for kindergartens, daycare centers, public institutions, restaurants, doctor's offic...
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Individual loft beds for great fun

Our children's beds - play paradises for children Finding the right bed for your child is not always easy. The space aspect often plays an important role, for which loft beds are a great solut...
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Climbing triangles - versatile fun

What do you do with a Pikler triangle? The Pikler triangle can be used in a similar way to a climbing arch. Thanks to its shape, this strengthens children's motor skills and trains their balance...
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Why a climbing arch?

Climbing arch - the perfect play equipment for children! Are you looking for the right toys for your child's nursery? Do you want to focus on support and not just fun? How about climbing arches, ...
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Great, individual play beds

For many children, going to bed isn't exactly the best time of the day. Healthy and restful sleep is so important. So that your child feels really comfortable in their bed, we design individual ...
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You can be sad and angry

In our society, a well-behaved child is one who is always calm and obedient, preferably as little loud as possible and certainly not throwing tantrums. What doesn't seem to be a problem for us a...
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Why babies shouldn't sleep alone

Of course I know how wonderful and exciting it is for expectant parents to furnish the children's room, including the baby bed. And associated with that, especially with the first child, is the ...